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Who are we...

Escape Mission is a real life escape game company in Ness-Ziona, Israel. Our escape rooms are 100% original, uniqe and chalanging.

Our facility...

Currently we have one oparatig room "The Blacklist". The room is suitable for 2-6 participants. The escape mission is planned to extend up to 60 minutes. The difficulty level of the Blacklist is intermidate, so it will be challenging for participants how experienced 0-5 rooms at the past.

About the Blacklist...

The Blacklist is the story of X, a Mossad agent suspected to be opperating as a double agent. It was reavealed to the mossad that X is keeping a log of all of his meeting. We know that X has an important meeting today.  You will have 60 minutes to brake into his room, find The Blacklist and get back on time (and alive!) to deliver this crucial intel.

Escape Mission location...

Our escape rooms located at Weizman 30, Ness-ziona Israel. You can arrive by car (we have planty of free parking) or by bus. The known bus lines are: 165, 165, 166, 174, 201, 204, 277, 274, 294, 298, 301, 313, 318, 319, 330, 367, 371, 377, 432, 447, 883

working hours...

We work everyday. From 11:00 to 23:00, You can contact us for booking and out of the clock hours.

Show me the money...

Or how much it cost to participate in Escape Mission.

Sunday to Wednsaday and Thursday till 17:59:

2 participants - 190 Shekels

3 participants - 250 Shekels

4 participants - 300 Shekels

5 participants - 350 Shekels

6 participants - 420 Shekels

Thursday from 18:00 to Saturday:

2 participants - 250 Shekels

3 participants - 300 Shekels

4 participants - 350 Shekels

5 participants - 400 Shekels

6 participants - 420 Shekels

guidlines and conduct of behavior...

You can take pictures before, after and in the lobby - but not inside the room. You can eat and dring in the lobby - but not inside the room. It is allowed to participate at any age but one adult over 18 is mandatory. We expect you to do your best not to harm physicaly or oraly other participants and the operators of the room.

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